Wireless Solution For Trains

Belden wireless technology for on board Ethernet increases passengers’ safety and convenience

A leading Polish train manufacturer applied a Belden solution for the secure wireless transmission of operational train vehicle data and passenger information between carriages using wireless access points.


The upgrading and refurbishment of the rolling stock required the implementation of a high bandwidth Ethernet network providing connectivity between a variety of on board systems. Use of the existing connector in the coupling between carriages was not possible as it was not capable of supporting more than a 10 Mbps data rate which was insufficient for the new Ethernet network.

Our Belden solution allowed an internal Ethernet network to be coupled between carriages, for the transmission of operational data and passenger information and deliver interconnection of multiple on board systems via fast Ethernet switches.

The provision of this type of network within carriages was relatively straightforward thanks to Belden fully integrated on board network solution which included switches, connectors, cabling and wireless access points thus reducing integration risks.

The Belden wireless solution, securely delivers superior data rates compared to using the existing connectors within couplers.