Total Reliability for Perfect Recordings in all Types of Weather Conditions with Belden’s watertight BNC Compression Connector

A crucial factor of any outdoor video shoot is the preparation of the set in advance with fit-for-purpose equipment that works just as well in bad weather as in good.

With Belden’s Watertight Locking 1-Piece HD Brilliance BNC Compression Connector, moisture is prevented from entering the front and back of the connector. To provide further protection from moisture and debris, an optional terminator cap can be installed when the BNC is not connected to a port. When used with Belden’s precision video coaxial cable, top quality signal transmission (SD, HD, 3D), exceptional flexibility and superior service life is guaranteed.


Cables on drums have to withstand daily unspooling and re-spooling while on the road, to protect the investment and reduce service and maintenance costs. During the rigging phase the terminated cable may be lying on the ground, so protecting the BNC connector from moisture and dust with a cap can be a great help. And after all video cables have been plugged in; the interface needs to be protected against water intrusion.

The watertight BNC Compression Connector features a patent-pending locking design, a screw-lock collar that locks the bayonet nut of the BNC in position. This limits movement of the BNC head and creates coaxial alignment from the cable through the BNC center pin, delivering superior return loss performance. Additional sealing rings prevent moisture from penetrating the bayonet nut of the BNC at the front of the connector, while the true 360° double bubble compression impedes moisture ingress at the back. Terminated with our unique double braided and stranded conductor video cable, the connector maximizes signal integrity, quality, performance and durability.