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Your industrial infrastructure faces new threats every day. Whether intentional and malicious or unintentional and accidental, the impact of these threats can be tremendous, leading to costly downtime or lapses in control that could jeopardize the operational safety of your systems.

Protect your infrastructure. Belden’s broad portfolio of industrial cyber security products enables coverage for all types of threats – deliberate or involuntary. From hardware devices with embedded security features to cyber resilient software, you’ll find your end-to-end security solution with Belden.

What’s Your Top Concern Right Now?

Take your first steps to real network security. Then, follow this continuum to expand and strengthen your security efforts over time.


Network Infrastructure


  • Network access control
  • Denial of Service (DoS) protection
  • Zones (network segmentation) and conduits (traffic filtering)
  • Bandwidth limitation
  • Deep Packet Inspection for Industrial Protocols

Log Center

Log Management


  • Syslog data collection
  • Log filtering and management
  • Investigation analytics and reporting

Tripwire Enterprise

Vulnerability Assessment


  • Security vulnerability and configuration assessment
  • Best practice and policy tests

Tripwire Enterprise

Change Detection and Integrity Monitoring


  • Real-time change detection
  • Best practice assessment and remediation
  • Compliance analytics and reporting

A true security solution expands and changes over time. Follow a continuum like this one — from network infrastructure to passive logging to more advanced solutions, such as continuous real-time change detection.


Belden Security Portfolio

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